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Keyboard Shortcuts – Back to the Future!

In the beginning there was the keyboard. Well strictly speaking there was the punchcard¬†I suppose but we’ll start with the keyboard. To interact with the earliest PCs you only had your trusty keyboard and the command line prompt. Then in … Continue reading

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Why I went from OpenOffice to MS Office, and what this means for digital scholarship

[tweetmeme source=”yourtwittername” only_single=false] I’ve recently uninstalled the otherwise excellent free and opensource openoffice¬†for a paid for, out of date copy of MS Office 2003 (the version covered by the OU’s work at home licence), so why did I back down … Continue reading

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Digital Scholarship – missing link between e-research and e-learning?

The worlds of educational technology and e-research are pretty distinct, institutionally and professionally, and yet for many scholars research and teaching are intertwined. Is it time to bring these two camps together? I don’t want to overstate the case, the … Continue reading

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Is digital scholarship new, or should the ‘digital’ be silent?

As part of my ongoing work on the Disco project I’ve been interviewing various ‘digital scholars’ (i.e. people who use quite a lot of new technologies in their work) from across the OU. In one of the more recent interviews … Continue reading

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Some early thoughts on digital scholarship

I’m currently trying to write an article outlining some ideas around what digital scholarship might mean. I’m basing my ideas of ‘scholarship’ around Ernest Boyer’s influential report from 1990, Scholarship Reconsidered and subsequent literature. In particular I’m trying to think … Continue reading

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